2021-2022 Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshades

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Only compatible with the 2021-2022 Model 3 made in China version.

Each package includes 6 pieces:
Front and rear interior grey sunshades.
Front and rear extra black cloths.
Two triangle window sunshades

Blocks the Scorching Sun while Keeping You Riding in Style.

The TEMAI sunroof shading net is composed of a lightweight mesh fabric and a foldable rigid frame, which matches with your Tesla’s glass to further block the solar heat load. The silver-coated shading cloth kit can increase the shading rate to 99%, reflect more than 90% of the infrared heat, and lock the air-conditioning in the cabin.
The experimental results show that the Temai sun visor can effectively block the sun’s heat; after the full shading kit is installed, it can isolate the sun’s radiant heat as well.

Two Cool Features - One Cool Ride

Our new high-density PONGEE fiber, combined with the LRC technology sunscreen coating, forms a protective layer that is used as an infrared thermal blocking layer to absorb a large amount of heat. That means one cool ride for you.

Master of Dark: Next Generation Vinyl Cloth + Innovative Materials = More Powerful Sun-shading Effects

Shading kit set:
Our shading kits include Tesla’s original color sunshade and black vinyl cloth. The sunshade can be used alone, and it’s half transparent so that you can see through it. The black vinyl cloth must be used with the sunshade. A hidden magnet is used to fix it on the sunshade frame. It can reflect 99% of the sunlight, and the dense vinyl layer blocks the heat from the skylight. Its insulative effects keep your air-conditioning in the car.

High-tech Coating - High Powered Protection

After 3 high-temperature baking processes, our LRC sunscreen polymer coating is formed. It has the characteristics of heat resistance and reduced heat conduction, achieving zero light transmission and long-lasting sunscreen performance.

Premium Materials - Premium Feel

Not all materials are worthy to be called “original factory quality”. We use polymer interwoven mesh which is environmentally friendly and odorless. It has a fine and smooth surface and strong durability.

Tested For Safety - Nothing Gets Past Us

Blocks 99% of UV rays.

Made For Your Tesla - Made By Us

From inside to out the Temai sunshade kit is cohesive to your Tesla’s design style.
TEMAI is dedicated to matching the standard of your original Tesla. We use professional color picking equipment to imitate the original car’s color. With this method, we have been able to match your Tesla’s original interior color and texture. The interior cabin feels more spacious and bright, which gives a pleasing effect to the eye.

Your Tesla Is Beautiful - Let’s Run With That

The shading kit perfectly matches the size and shape of your Tesla all the way to the corners for a seamless aesthetic.

Shield Your Eyes - Don’t Lose Sight

We’ve taken pains to ensure your sunshade is effective, not detrimental. The rear sunshade has been half-processed to keep you safe and to make sure you can see through it in your rearview mirror.


Bend, store, repeat

The frame is made of manganese steel, which can be bent and deformed for easy installation and storage.

Tech specs

Product name Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshades 
Compatibility Model 3
Material High-quality polyester, Heat-treated manganese steel
Package Each package includes 6 pieces:
Front and rear white sunshades.
Front and rear extra black cloths.
Two triangle window sunshades